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PVC and Aluminium Rolling Shutters

We offer two types of exterior shutters – PVC and aluminum fins.

PVC shutters provide good solar protection, sound and heat insulation. This is due to the rib (small rooms) between two layers of PVC. They are solution price you get good profitable features. Production can produce shutters up to three square meters. You can choose between two types:

Classic – PVC lamellas and PVC box at 90 degrees.

Prestige – PVC lamella and the aluminum box, shortened to 45 degrees. This type of box provides additional strength and shape and “improving the aesthetic appearance of the product.

PVC lamellas are available in white color, and PVC boxes can be white or golden oak. For aluminum profiles, it can be painted according to the RAL catalog, offering a choice for the most demanding.

For the second type of outer panels of the lamellae are made of aluminum with a polyurethane core, which is an insulator, and a width of 39 or 52 mm. Buying these profiles, you get the benefits of metal “eternal” that does not age. They provide excellent protection against external influences such as noise, sun, temperature changes or prying eyes. We offer 3 outdoor aluminum shutters models:

Mini – done with 39 mm coverslip and the oblique angle box 45 degrees.

Mini Luxury – made with 39 mm slide and round box whose design can give a modern and elegant look of the front of your house.
The two types of shutters “Mini” has an area of 6 m2, and the guarantee that you get two years for the installation and three years for equipment. The color range is extremely rich – you can choose between 16 colors, customers have the opportunity to combine the best way with the outside. 4 of them are in stock (white, dark brown, gray and dark wood) and the rest are delivered within 3 weeks.

Maxi – The lamella width is 52 mm, and the box is tapered at a 45 degree angle .. In this type, it is possible to manufacture parts with larger dimensions – a maximum of 7.5 m2. Available in white color if you like, can be painted in a color according to the catalog. Shutters “Maxi” get 3-year warranty.

Exterior shutters can be managed in two main ways: manual and motorized. management arm can be made using braid with cigarettes or crank case in extreme blinds. Extremely easy is the control engine – there are many possibilities. The most common is the button with management and to conduct remote awnings using the remote control.

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